Retainer / Membership fee (refundable)

To view our entire database and to see up to 3 properties in person, we require a fully refundable $100 retainer/membership fee. If you haven’t joined yet, you are only able to view 5 properties before the retainer/membership page will pop up.

This fee is refundable when you execute a written sales or lease agreement.

We charge this retainer fee because we are very busy and only have time to work with serious clients who respect our time. Things work differently and take MUCH longer here than where you are from possibly. Delays due to weather, transportation, holidays, lack of a key-box system, bureaucracy as well as various other cultural/systemic factors are quite common. We can and often do waste a whole day dealing with no-shows and absentee property owners. These factors and more make our job much more time consuming than in other places.

Additional viewing beyond 3 properties is also offered for an additional fee of $30/hour, which is also refundable when you execute a contract.

When you pay these refundable fees you are paying for our full attention and you are helping us to prioritize our tasks.

Also for this fee you will gain unlimited lifetime-member access to our complete database for viewing, as well as a members page full of local insider info we’ve gathered to make your life easier here, including doctors, dentists, lawyers, shamanic services, engineers, architects, shopping, dining, obscure travel destinations, etc. We also plan to soon publish a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of new developments.

Again, this retainer fee is fully refundable when you execute a contract and can be paid via the paypal button below.

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