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We require a lifetime membership fee of $100 to view more than 5 properties on the website.

We do this because the nature of this business is quite different here in this remote region of Peru and is much more time consuming than perhaps in other places. The obstacles towards foreign non-Spanish speakers seeking and securing rental or purchase property are numerous and often unfamiliar, the first of which being the shere lack of availability. There are not enough suitable houses yet to meet the growing demand. For this reason you should also please start looking and consider booking well in advance. Finding a rental house before would be very difficult without at least 2 months notice.

Our job is to ease this process.

Members are allowed full access to our large database of properties, both for lease and for sale. You also get access to our blog and our members only área where we have information about legal services, accounting, shopping, tours and the latest news.

We also provide reservation, property viewing and translation services. Pease see “About Us” above, and then “Our Services” for pricing.


If you have any issues with your order please email us!